New Poll Finds Two-Thirds of Montanans Support Death Tax Repeal

Posted on October, 15 2015, 16:01



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New Poll Finds Two-Thirds of Montanans Support Death Tax Repeal

Twenty-seven percent less likely to vote for Senator Tester if he opposes repeal, according to American Business Defense Council

WASHINGTON - The American Business Defense Council today released a new non-partisan poll in Montana finding that two-thirds (66%) of Montanans support repealing the Federal Estate Tax (aka, death tax). The poll also showed that 27 percent of Montanans are less likely to vote for Senator Jon Tester if they know he is opposed to repealing the estate tax.

You can see the poll results here

"Montanans are no fan of the death tax or politicians who want to keep it," explained Dick Patten, President of the American Business Defense Council. "The latest polling shows that Montanans overwhelmingly recognize that this tax hurts family business owners and ranchers and expect their elected leaders to fight for repeal. Senator Tester will place himself on the side of the majority of his constituents if he joins his colleague, Senator Steve Daines, and supports death tax repeal.

“While politicians dither, the federal estate tax continues to harm family business owners, ranchers, and farmers and slows economic growth. It's time for Senator Tester and his colleagues to stand up for their constituents and vote to repeal this destructive tax."

The poll results also found that a whopping 69 percent of Montanans know that the death tax forces family members to sell part or all of a family farm or ranch. Seventy percent say that repealing the tax will make it easier for minority business owners to hold on to their farm or business. Senator Tester has not committed to voting for repeal, while Senator Daines is a cosponsor of S. 860, the Death Tax Repeal Bill of 2015.

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