Washington Post errs again

Posted on September, 21 2017, 10:17

Last week the ultra-liberal Washington Post had an editorial attacking President Trump's call for repeal of the Death Tax.  Unsurprisingly, it was filled with the clichéd and often-refuted arguments in favor of the tax. 

I thought it necessary to reply in a "Letter to the Editor" which unsurprisingly, the Post has yet to print.  But it is important to state the obvious:  that the Death Tax does not simply affect a small minority of the population and that it hurts communities, jobs and communities.

I said this:  "Your September 8th posting against repeal of the federal estate tax needed a good editor.  Or some common sense.  The author was critical of the President for calling for repeal.  The estate tax is a "tremendous burden for the family farmer," President Trump said.  To try to prove the President wrong he cited a factoid that less than one percent of farm estates paid the estate tax in 2016.   That is like saying that people care nothing about their children getting measles there were so few cases of measles in recent years.  

"Over 91% of parents make sure their children are vaccinated against measles.  They do care about measles.  And farmers do care about the estate tax and its burden.  According to one estimate, Americans spend over $20 billion a year on estate planners and various other means of avoiding the tax.  American farmers are not stupid:  they act to shield their estates. 

"The billions spent on estate tax payments and on estate tax avoidance could be invested in building farms and businesses, creating jobs and prosperity.  

"American support for repeal of the estate tax has always been over 60% -- the low poll number the author cited was an aberration.  Recent polling by the YouGov polling firm shows that 62% of voters in North Dakota support repeal.  The President was speaking to voters who know the burdens imposed on their agricultural businesses and they know the essential unfairness of the estate tax;  the "death tax." 

In the past few days, Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer and avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders have attacked President Trump's call for repeal.  They too have relied on mendaciousness and disingenuousness (Washington terms for what used to be called "deceitful, fallacious, and lying.")

There is no question that the debate is heating up.  Our job -- with your help -- is to fight for the truth about the Death Tax.  We will continue to fight for the facts which shows that in addition to the basic unfairness of the tax, the Death Tax kills jobs, kills incentives, and cripples prosperity and economic growth.