Death Tax status and poetry

Posted on June, 28 2017, 14:44

The battle over the GOP health care bill is at its peak right now, and yesterday Mitch McConnell decided to postpone the vote on the Senate bill.  He's a skilled operator and one must surmise that he's very close to getting the 50 votes he needs. 

But what is of great concern now is the schedule for tax reform.  It is the next big issue and we're involved in touching base with our sources and asking questions like the following:  what information do they need?  Where is the debate on dynamic v. static scoring?  What rules will the House use when it takes up a bill?  In other words, a lot of shoe leather is involved in the process. 

We are trying to keep the debate on the substance, as well.  A majority of the House and Senate have been committed to the principle of repeal of the Death Tax.  They need support in that principle.
And speaking of the big picture, I came across a poem printed in the March issue of First Things magazine entitled "Addendum" by Alfred Nicol.  I went to his website ( and he has many good and entertaining poems to read.

"Addendum" is printed here with permission and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I get the feeling that Mr. Nicol is a bit of a skeptic about government:
Give to Caesar what is his,
namely, everything there is.

I see a lot of eyebrows raised.
Let’s check the books. You’ll be amazed.

An x. An o. A hug and kiss.
Render unto Caesar this.

Render unto Caesar that.
His the dog, his the cat.

Render up your reading time.
Render, too, your reverie.

Render up the uphill climb,
render what you hope to be.

If God is dead, does Caesar get
the flip side of the coin? You bet!

Render up. You’ll never win.
The croupier will rake it in.

Caesar’s arms are open wide;
your whole estate will fit inside.
—Alfred Nicol