An interview on a cable news network OANN

Posted on April, 04 2017, 16:28

Until about two years ago, I wasn't familiar with a new cable news company called One America News Network, or OANN.  They have studios in San Diego and in Washington D.C and they claim to reach "100% of all digital cable subscribers in the U.S."  I understand that many people who prefer a more realistic/conservative approach to the news are moving from Fox to OANN.

Last week I was asked by a Political Correspondent for OAN, Kendall Forward, to come to the OAN studios in Washington for a discussion about our fight for repeal of the Death Tax. 

Their studio is state of the art and Miss Forward was a most agreeable interviewer.  Her questions of me indicated she did her research on the Death Tax.   If you would like to see the interview, it can be viewed at this site.  A printable version of the interview is at this site:   

Some reading this letter may have heard my arguments supporting Death Tax repeal, but I tried to make a point of stressing how the Death Tax affects real people.  I quoted one man who said, "I’m a farmer. According to the I.R.S. I’m rich because I have all of this dirt, but I’m broke.” I added, “most of the family farms in America are just like that. Sometimes they don’t survive sometimes they do. Sometimes they go into years or decades of debt to pay for it.”

It is too true a scenario and too often an untold story.

Please feel free to forward the interview on to your friends.  I hope it encourages others to get active in our fight.

A political update might also be appropriate in this letter:  As I write this, neither the House of Representatives or the White House seem to have crafted their strategies for the next major legislative initiative – tax reform.  We have learned that the White House will likely come up with its own version of a tax reform bill -- in addition to that the House of Representatives has developed. 

Importantly, the House GOP has yet to come up with the specific text for a proposed bill.  Thus, we remain deeply concerned about the "Devil in the details."

I attended a meeting with top staffers from the Congressional tax-writing committees and the good news:  repeal of the Death Tax is still on top of their priority lists.

Recently 32 major groups representing agricultural interests sent a letter to Congressional leaders expressing strong support for repeal of the Death Tax and support for maintaining step-up-in-basis.  Their statement said, in  part, “The estate tax is especially damaging to agriculture because we are a land-based, capital-intensive industry with few options for paying estate taxes when they come due.

The failure of the Republicans to get an Obamacare replacement bill passed makes this next fight a “must-win” for the GOP.  I'll keep you up to date on the progress of this key legislation.